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Facebook Marketing

Facebook has over 2.74 billion active users which makes it the largest social media platform in the world and of course, also the perfect platform for you to advertise your business.

As one of the pioneers of Facebook advertising in Malaysia, UPT Marketing manages an accumulated ad spend of RM10 Million every year.

We are also constantly improving ourselves to keep up with the ever changing updates on Facebook to ensure we provide the latest advertising strategies to our clients.

Google Marketing

If you’re looking to establish your presence in the digital world, Google advertising is a great way for you to start!

Google offers powerful tools for you to easily manage & monitor your marketing campaigns while providing you with precise and meaningful insights throughout the whole customer journey

With UPT Marketing’s 15 years of experience, we are here to provide you a tailor-made strategy that ensure you’re able to maximise your ROI from Google Advertising

Tik Tok Video Marketing

The rapid upward trajectory of short videos & reels are slowly taking over the social media world. Featuring 800 million monthly users, Tik Tok had become hugely popular among Millennials & Gen Z audiences.

UPT Marketing has a well-diversified team of content creators, video editors and digital marketers. We are ready to offer a full-fledged Tik Tok Marketing service that will significantly boost your brand’s visibility, reputation and conversions.

Xiao Hong Shu (RED) Marketing

Undeniably, User Generated Content (UGC) is one of the upcoming trends in the world of marketing and XHS is the perfect platform to exploit this.

Access to 1,000+ KOL & KOC along with content creation, ad management services and various ad formats now with UPT Marketing.

XHS Marketing is currently in the early stage with minimal competition. Be one of the early adopters and enjoy a head start by working with UPT Marketing now!

Email Marketing

Email marketing is known as one of the lowest cost digital marketing solutions available in the market. It delivers personalised and targeted email messages to your target audiences based on your business goals.


UPT Marketing helps you engage with your clients in a much more efficient way by developing a solution built especially for you to design, control, and execute your email campaigns with efficiency.

Web Design

In this digital age, having a website is like owning real estate online. It allows businesses to establish their online presence and drastically increases their brand awareness & sales potential.

An advanced website also integrates responsive features that helps generate more traffic & sales for your business.

UPT Marketing offers a one-stop website design service that aims to provide a website that works optimally in both user interface (UI) & user experience (UX).

Outdoor Advertising

Outdoor Advertising has proven itself a productive marketing strategy. Build your brand to stand out among the saturated digital market. Customers respond favourably towards a sensible delivery of creative visual and positive message, leading to automatic sales conversion for your business.

We revamp your brand’s visibility with our dynamic outdoor advertising services. Contact us today to explore tailored packages that will transform your brand into an unforgettable presence in the market.

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We’ve helped over 1000 companies around the world

Offering solutions to real world challenges

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Harness the power of data and analytics

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Modernize core technology

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Accelerate marketing & sales

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“We help our clients harness the power of data and artificial intelligence, modernize core technology and capitalize on new technology, optimize and automate operations, fuel digital growth, create stunning digital experiences, and build digital talent and culture.”
Frank Ballard

Frank Ballard

CEO of Vault

Our success in numbers

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All of this is possible because of the team we’ve put together.

In the past few years alone, we’ve served thousands of clients and completed hundreds of technology transformations.

We help our clients develop the culture and capabilities needed to be agile and innovate ahead of the market, long after we’ve left. This is change that matters.

What clients said about us

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Jenny Fox

Jenny Fox

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Emily Dallas

Emily Dallas

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Matthew White

Matthew White

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Chris Carlson

Chris Carlson


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Juan Diaz

Juan Diaz

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